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    Does anyone know of an alternative mobile cradle to the Seidio? I have a G2100M which absolutely sucks. Half of the time it doesn't route the audio to the output when on a call and the other half it doesn't route the microphone audio when on a call. I hate it. Shame on you Seidio. I saw GrndSlm's posting and may consider it, although, I really don't want to take on a project. I'd rather just buy one ready to go.
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    I promise it's not hard if you order all the parts at once, and have all the right tools (you can do it with only a screwdriver, drill, and a small drill bit). It would prolly take you half an hour, give or take 10 minutes to have it installed once you open all the packaging. I know I've got a lotta steps, but they're quick &'s a general concept of what I did: opened the bottom of the case & switched out the microphone, then put it back together and velcroed the bottom side of the cradle to my dash so it wouldn't move around.

    The only problem with what I did is that it's really not a good idea to put it on your dash. It was definitely a quick temporary fix, tho...until I have more time.

    I'm going to try buying a little bit of sheet metal and making a pop-out base that stems from the upper-left of console where the cd player & a/c controls are. That way it'll be within reach of my hand (virtually just as close where the prev & next buttons were I was complaining about subconsciously moving my finger toward over and over....I've already started to break the habit), it'll be easier for me to read the screen since the cradle angles it upward (harder to see on the dash than it needs to be) and it'll be slightly closer, it won't get as hot from being directly on the dash, it'll be outta the way of the airbag, glove compartment, and knees that are popping in and out, AND it'll allow me to hide the cords a lot better. I just need some sheet metal and a couple more hours. I'll prolly spray paint the cradle a dark grey or blue to match my interior and/or the phone.

    If you don't care about looks, I'd follow the original instructions I wrote and take the half an hour outta my time to do'll work for a quick, reliable fix.

    If you do happen to care about looks...perhaps wait until I get a lil' more time and sheet metal. Then you could pay somebody to do it with my instructions...or maybe they could even up mine somehow. At least it'd be more reliable than the $eidio kit.
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    Hey Grndslm, thanks. BTW, is that Ozzie in your signature picture? Are you in St. Louis?
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    No prob, man. It most certainly is the Wizard himself! Nope, not in St. Louis....just scouring Google Images for a decent avatar, and I happened to find that. I'll prolly change it soon....once every coupla days or so. Just to mess with people's heads.

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