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    I have a question for all you "audiophiles" lurking out there...

    In your collective experiences, which would you say is more important to determining quality of sound - bit rate or headphones?

    I'm asking because I'm wondering whether investing in a set of high(er) quality headphones (like the Shure E2Cs or Etymotic 6-R) would be worth the money if everything on my Treo is encoded in 128kbps Ogg. I would be upgrading from a set of Sony MDR-EX51SLs.

    Thanks for any and all advice!
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    I dont know how those Sony's perform, but that bitrate of mp3 will cut out high and low frequencies. This is ok if you listen to music with a narrow freq range, but a lot of hiphop/electronic is full range music.

    192 kb/s is the minimum to go with for mp3s, so im not sure how that applies to OGG. you may want to look into that if you havent allready.

    I download a lot of bootleg vinyl rips. and one a few years ago came with mp3 192 kb/s and a OGG at 96 kb/s. I dont know if they are suggeting these are equivalant in terms of sound quality but they both sound good. I listen through a pro audio sound card and studio monitor speakers. I have a sense that some low end is lost though. 128 kb/s may be enough.

    google search came up with this. 'ogg vs. mp3 bitrate' search.

    Best thing I say is, go and try the headphones, and perhaps even buy them as long as you can return them for full.

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