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    I'm curious if Chatter could be set up to turn on/off the data when it checks for email? I know this will eliminate the push functionality, but if I have my phone check at specific times, it would be okay.

    I ask this because I still have MOU and not an unlimited data plan. I would like my email to sync each morning around 6:30AM, while still on free night/weekend minutes. Since the data connection is not left on all the time, SnapperMail could not do it, so I'm hoping Chatter can.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Yes, if you use the "Disconnect if All Mailboxes Offline" option in the Connection prefs.

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    You may want to check at 6:30, as night hours end at 5:59 AM.

    Night Hrs (MF): 9:01 p.m.5:59 a.m.
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    And Snapper has a feature to disconnect the data after checking for new mail. I forget what the schedule settings were, though.

    I used Snapper for a while, and then tried Chatter while I was on MOU (only on the weekends), but finally decided to give in and upgrade to teh 650 and get a data plan. I've been testing Chatter for the past week or so and am very pleased with it.

    Even with the downsides (hit in battery life, a few extra data connections) I like Chatter much better and will be buying it shortly.

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