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    I am thinking about upgrading to the 650. I would like to know your comments on the radio performance between the two. Things such as- does the 650 get better reception or signal response than the 600. Thank you.
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    You will absolutely love the screen of the 650. I cannot compare the radio signals, although I have no problems with the 650 vs. my prior cell phones.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    one thing i have noticed, advantage treo 600, is the 5-way responsiveness when switching between applications. the treo 600 is very quick to upload the datebook, calc, memo, etc.

    the treo 650 is also quick, but just a shade less than the 600. its only slightly noticeable, and for the most part, really isnt a big deal. id still choose the 650 over the 600. the screen is too gorgeous to pass up.
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    Treo 600:

    No DUN (With the T650 I can access the internet in my laptop pretty much anywhere!)
    No Bluetooth ( I don't press a cellphone against my ear anymore. I use my HBH662 BT Headset)
    Low-res screen (Video on T650 is incredible and Photo display is better than the photo iPod!)
    Almost unuseable camera
    No battery backup option

    Actually it's no contest. I still have my T600 as a backup and there is simply no way I would go back to it. And yes, the radio on my locked Cingular T650 is better than the 600
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    About the only advantage the 650 has for me is the hi-res screen. The replaceable battery might be good, so far my 600 (18 months and going) is doing fine. I don't have all the problems with spontanuous resets the 650 is reported to have, I can store and play 200mb full-length movies on my 2 gb SD card, I have a truly incredible array of software, no problems with the phone. I rarely connect to my PC - only when I want to install software that comes in an exe file.

    The 650 does not give me enough reason to switch. Now if it had wi-fi built in, I might feel differently.

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    I recently upgraded from a 600 to a 650 and love it! I have Sprint and live in Chicago. The reception is the same for me. There is really only one thing I like better about the 600 than the 650 and that's the memory. Everything else is better on the 650 to me.
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    The antenna seems a bit better, but not that much when compared to the Treo 600. They both have very good antennas.

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    Aside from the screen, my favorite upgrade was the camera. The 600 camera was not usable indoors. The 650 camera is soooo much better, and I can use it in almost any situation. In fact, it generally takes pictures better then most higher resolution camera phones indoors.

    However, since the next treo is around the corner you may just want to hold out, cause it should have much better BT and the next gen OS.
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    If you really are considering a 600 over a 650 you should follow your logic back to its conclusion and buy a Nokia Brick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slem
    If you really are considering a 600 over a 650 you should follow your logic back to its conclusion and buy a Nokia Brick.
    FYI - I believe they already have the 600 and are wanting to know if the upgrade is worth the jump. . . .

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