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    i'm sorry. i know this is a silly question but i really have done about three hours of searching to no avail. i have had a cingular phone which has had a microphone issue for months. i got it replaced and i'm trying to pair my hbh-660 to my replacement phone but i am having no luck. it used to be i'd simply hit the button on the earpiece and the treo would give me the little connection dings and then ask for the password. i'd type in "0000" and all would be done. but i was doing that and while it would be listed in my trusted devices it would never pick up when i was on a call. so i did a hard reset and tried again. but now it wont even recognize the earpiece at all! am i doing something horribly wrong?

    ps - unlocked cingular with firmware 1.15

    thanks in advance
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    Whaddayamean "hit the button on the earpiece"? Which one? To pair, you can put the HBH-660 in discovery mode by holding down the up an down volume button simultaneously, then find the HBH-660 from your Treo by going through the Handsfree setup thingy.
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    thank you kindly sir. i've been holding the single button on the front...for way too long.

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