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    Pretty frusteraing, all I want to do is sync my Treo 650 with my Mac running OS X 10.4.2 and 2.0.2. Doesn't work.

    Link to the app:

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    I tried it with missing sync last night, via bluetooth it says is syncs but nothing really happens, via usb cable it crashes missing sync and still nothing happens on the Treo 650 side. I wish gmail would just offer IMAP it would save me so much trouble. After purchasing the Treo 650 and giving palm another try they always manage to disappoint me none of their base apps i.e. contact manager, calendar, task manager has changed since my old Palm Vx. Whats worse is their sync software hasn't changed either, I don't think they realize that PDA's are supposed to compliment desktops and laptops thus they should work well with desktop mail/address book/calandar applications that already exist on their desktop.
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    I believe the mail conduit is inntended for non-wireless palms.

    To keep your mail in sync, put all your emails in your pop or gmail inbox and then use versamail to retrieve them onto your Treo (check the option not to delete them from server).

    Just don't delete anything from your popserver inbox, from either your Treo or your computer and you will always be in sync. If you have already deleted stuff from your server, then you will need to resend the old messages that are important to you.

    If you have a lot of messages, you will need to buy snappermail or chatter beta which will allow you to put them on your Treo SD card (you can get a 1 GB card fairly cheap nowadays).

    Once you have this set up, you will have a huge inbox, but no problem, you will be able to use Palm find to locate any email on your Treo inbox, just like you can use google search to locate them from your gmail website or or spotlight from your OS 10.4 Mail application.

    If you have a lot of spam, set up duplicate mail rules on your Treo and Computer.

    If you do not have that much room on your server to store all your messages and you want to stay with pop mail, then get yahoo or gmail they give you a lot of room for your messages.

    If you want to get more refined and use subfolders of your inbox, you need to spring for an IMAP account like .mac. Then you can stay in real time sync all the time. Versamail does not handle IMAP subfolders, but snapper and chatter do.

    Hope this helps.
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    I dont have a Data Plan...this is why I want to sync with my computer. I'd love to just be able to do this, but I use Verizon (best service in my area), and I cant add an additional 39.99$ to my monthly cell phone bill. So I'd love to just sink my gmail with my Mac or PC.


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