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    I can't seem to view missed calls and such or recieved calls while in a call, like if i have to give someone a number that i got called from recently, is there a program that will access the call log and give me info on which call was missed, or recieved and how long i talked for? t650 cingular if that's needed
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    I can view them on my SPCS 650 while in a call by using the built in call log.

    When in a call just hit the green phone button, and go to the call log from there. When you hit the green phone button the upper left ocrner will say "Call in progress..."
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    I go to that but can't get the call log the only way i can get my call log is by pressing the green button twice but if i press it a second time it goes to the call that is in progress
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    I dunno works for me on Sprint.
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    Check out TAKEphONE
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    Also smartphonetools has some extra call log features...

    Also Flixton soft:
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