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    I'm thinking of purchasing a Vaja Ivolution T65 but have one concern. How easy is it to remove the Treo 650 from this case? I use a cradle in the office and a Pro Clip mount in my car so I'd be removing the Treo from the case during the day at least three or four times. The last thing I want is a struggle every time I need to get the Treo out of the case.

    I own an Ivolution for my Ipod and it's really tight. It's not easy to get the thing out. Now I don't remove it often and imagine the leather might loosen up if I did it more but I'm not sure.
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    Not hard to remove at all.

    I'd be more worried that it would become too loose in the case with the numerous removals/insetions from the case. On the other hand, it may not...

    It is not difficult to remove the Treo from the T65 case.
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    The tightness is just right. You can easily get it out but you dont have to worry about your 650 coming out if you don't want it to.

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