I recently installed Graffiti Anywhere for occasional stylus input. Very handy.

However, like many of you, I've never gotten the hang of Graffiti 2. I especially can't get an "i" to appear very easily using G2. Grrrr.

So... I went to my T3 and beamed over the two files needed for the "Shortcuts" preference panel: ShortCuts.pdb and ShortCuts_enUS.pdb. Lo and behold, the panel shows up on the 650 just where it's supposed to. Now it's possible to edit the shortcuts list and so I added a few:

:shortcut:1 = i
:shortcut:7 = t
:shortcut:6 = k

I tried to pick the shortcut to remind me somewhat of the letter... the "k" was obviously a difficult case, but the others are pretty good mnemonics of what the Graffiti 1 characters are like.

The advantages of this? Well, it is still two strokes to enter the letters, but now auto-completion doesn't get in your way since no letter at all is inserted until the second stroke.

(Yes, I do know about and regularly use ShortCut5 , but I think the native shortcut mechanism also has it's place.)