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    Given the recent offering from Palm:

    I was wondering if anyone could make a non-fee based service program using If you click on the map it launches a pop up application with very detailed information but unfortunately it is not compatible with our beloved Treo.
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    If you notice on the home page the following quote:
    "We’ve appreciated your many comments about other features and enhancements you would like to see on the Web site. In the months ahead, we will begin implementing some of these changes, including adding landmarks to the 511 Traffic and Driving Times Map, historical driving times, and in 2006, a new feature called My 511. My 511 will enable you to save your preset Driving Times routes and receive e-mail, cell phone, or map-enabled PDA alerts when traffic gets bad on your selected routes. "

    Also, Here is one service that is free: and
    The maps show merely traffic speeds, but no accident information which is quite frankly more important.

    I currently use
    I pay the $20 per year to get SMS (or email) alterts to accidents on the route you set up. You also get a personal WAP url for checking for accidents and travel times on those routes. They have a free trial.
    I also use the "Accidents" link on in my Blazer browser. It's about 150k page to download, but it lists all of the accidents and you can click on the accident to get up todate info.
    So I have the following page bookmarked in blazer:

    I also use the 511 phone number to call in and use the voice activated prompts for traffic info.

    Finally, the new so far is just plain cool. So far it's the most useful solution for traffic on the PDA yet. I might subscribe to this for a while and see if I really get the benefit from it or if the other methods are adequate.
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    "Mapped enabled PDA alerts" is not the same as real-time traffic info which for all practical reasons is what most people want and need.

    Traffic Tann is better then nothing but as you said there is no traffic accident information which is more important.

    I agree Palm's solution is cool and that's the kind of app I'm asking for here but I just think with programs like:

    Directory Assistant and
    Flight Status

    which take advantage of existing web sites to get user requested information a similar program could be easily made to extract real-time traffic information from sites like
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    TANN recently changed their URLS. Now the /pdamenu/ options takes you to a sign up page for their fee based. the /indexppc.htm doesn't quite work right.

    Anyone know of another option to get to the TANN maps now?

    I liked the old simple index

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