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    I've had my 650 about a week, and one of the things I'm looking forward to is the bluetooth headset which will help with the issue of having to either pick up the Treo out of it's mount or always using a wired headset (on the 600) while using Mapopolis.

    That's really the only time I plan on using the headset - in the car.

    I'm thinking about the TWH from Palm mainly due to the common charging port.

    So my question is how reliable is the pairing when used infrequently? Can I set it up once, then have it turned off, and instantly recognized when turned on/in range, or do they usually require setting up again when not used for a certain period.
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    Good afternoon Pablo,

    You do have to re-pair it every so often , but to do this it takes very little time, approx 30secs to 1min after you know want your doing.
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    I choose this headset for the same reason, the common charging port. It has worked fine for me. My experience has been -- that you only have to re-pair the Treo and the headset after a hard reset or firmware upgrade.
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    Thanks for the input. Looks like I'll watch a few ebay auctions or hit if I don't see anything for much less than $50.
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    i like the headset and the charging port is definitely a plus, but i seem to have to re-pair it about every other day (more often since the Sprint upgrade). i have wondered whether this might also be related to my use of TomTom bluetooth GPS. bit of a pain but you get used to it.
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    Another good source of opinions on things like this is reviews on You can look for people who are in the same city your, same wireless service, or whatever. Using the "find" feature on your browser can make the search a little faster.

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