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    New Chatter and fastmail user here. I got everything set-up to get my e-mails forwarded to fastmail so I can push to my treo. I also got filtered mailboxes working. Now, I have one problem and one question:

    1) I can't delete any e-mails in chattermail. It just beeps when I try to. Some e-mails show the locked icon and some don't. Why are some flagged as locked and why can't I delete anything?

    2) Is it possible to have a different from/reply-to address stamped on my replies depending on which filtered mailbox the e-mail is from? e.g. I have one mailbox filtered so e-mails that were sent to get put into it and another for e-mails that are sent to If I reply to an e-mail sent to, can that reply be stamped with a reply-to address of instead of my master address?

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    I got my own questions figured out. Pretty slick...
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    Sorry about the delay in responding; on vacation.


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