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    I've been playing with this and trying to learn about it, and the application seems to be great. But I'm unsure of a couple things.

    And yes, I have reviewed the ZLauncher on-line manual.

    How do I know whether it's 'safe' or a 'good idea' to use this application to move something to the memory card?

    Specifically, some applications I'm wondering about include Pocket Tunes, Ringo, Volume and SnapperMail.

    Thanks for any input on using ZLauncher, maximizing its benefits and moving things to the memory card to increase space and speed.

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    Most applications will work from the card. Some won't. Unless you search for the specific application or check the developer's website, you won't know. If you move it and it doesn't work, just move it back.
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    Agreed - it's pretty easy to use trial and error to see how things go. Of course, taking a backup beforehand is always a great idea!

    There are three kinds of applications that aren't good to move to the card: Applications that simply don't work from the card (trial and error); applications that run in the background (i.e. email programs or backup programs that run on a timer setting); applications that you use all the time and you don't want to deal with the entry / exit delay.
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    Another often pointed out tip is that if you are running an application from the SD card, you should always exit it by pressing the home key. It restores data and clears the memory better and avoids soft resets.
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    Thank you for those thoughts and tips, so far.

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    Any app that needs to be memory resident like alarm claocks etc shuld remain in ram. Otherwise you can move it to the card...
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