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    I recently purchased the Lanso Bluetooth USB adapter in order to sync my Treo 650 with MS Outlook on my desktop. Obviously, it is not working for me and i am lost related to which way to turn. Has anyone bought this product and had any problems with the setup, if so, any suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks
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    I bought this product from Treo Central and had a lot of hassle getting it set up. It came without any instructions of any kind. I eventually got it working, and it works fine, but I had several hours of hassle. This product is advertized on Treo Central as allowing Bluetooth HotSync. Configuration is not obvious. You need to do things with Bluetooth settings on the PC and in the PC HotSync software, and on the Treo650 Bluetooth area to get it working. One article I saw with a Google search suggested PC Communications settings and adding communication stuff on the Treo, but following this article did not work for me.

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