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    I'm curious how all of you out there deal with the issue of people's extension numbers and outgoing lines with respect to the Treo's CID. Palm didn't deal with the issue of extensions as far as I can see. I just put a space and then an X plus the person's extension after the phone number. This allows me to dial the number from the Contacts application, but I don't see the extension number and have to remember it during the call. Has anyone figured out a better way to store extensions?

    Regarding outgoing lines and CID, I often have the problem where my contact's phone number is not the same as the outside line they call me from. So while I have 555-1212 as their number, they always call me from 555-1200, for example. In that case, they never show up as a recognized caller in the Treo's CID display. Sure I could add that number to the persons contact info, but Palm didn't really leave enough fields for that. Is there a better way to do all this??
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