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    Is there any way to check the alerts (that little flashing icon that appears when say versamail gets mail...or you miss a call or whatever) without using the damn stylus? My finger is too big to get in that little corner of the screen...and its a complete pain to pull out the stylus to activate/clear it.
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    Press and hold the center on the 5way nav. (I'm feeling generous)

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    Thanks!!! I knew there had to be a way...

    And you are one hot monkey!!!! (I'm being generous as well...) *8^) *8^)
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    Dont' hold the button for longer than 5 seconds though. If you hold it for 10 seconds, it will erase the contents of your Treo and then you'll see a taxicab covered in snowflakes and the camera mirror will activate.
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    fyi page 248 of the manual for sprint...probably in there for other devices too.

    Friendly forum tip...check the manual and search before posting. You'll save yourself a lot of time.


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