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    I've done a great deal of reading here and there about BT GPS receivers and software and have pretty much confused myself as to the best solution. I think I have settled on the TT5 software but not on the hardware. I like the idea of logging, as featured with the bluelogger, but will not having a SIRF III chipset be like buying outdated technology? If so, which of the bundles sold with TT5 provide the best all around solution. I'll be using simply for out of town travel and some hiking/marine usage (would want the ability to buy topo maps).

    Thanks in advance...
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    Not sure about the SIRF III chipset technology you are talking about however the Bluelogger synchs faster than any GPS I've owned before. I am using the Delorme Street Atlas and Topo 5. My experience is with Zodiac...bigger screen. When my 1Gb SD card arrives I will add app to Treo.

    I like the application...lots of data, but no rerouting if you go off course....or at least I haven't found it yet. Lots to learn yet...not as simple as Hertz Neverlost or Magellan Roadmate which is what I've been using.

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    TT5 is great once you get it activated and resolve hot sync issues. I have it on my Treo 650 and use a globalsat BT-338 GPS unit(SIRF III chipset).
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    BT-338 has a SiRF III chipset and excellent rechargeable battery time (15hrs +). The TomTom branded GPS also has a SiRF III chipset, but less battery time. SiRF III is very sensitive and much better IMO than the SiRF II chipset.

    Whether or not you need a logger depends on your intended use.
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    I use the Delorme Blue Logger GPS with TomTom 5. It works great for me. Connects fast and seems very accurate on location. The directions are a little awkward at times, but they get me there. I have tried Delorme Street Atlas for Handhelds 2005 and it was a joke unless you set your map up first on the computer before moving to the handheld. I have orderd Street Atlas 2006 upgrade to see if any of the changes they made were any good.

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