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    where can I view the traffic in my area
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    where do you live?
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    Quote Originally Posted by albertb
    where do you live?
    I live in Detroit. Is there a non-subscription based choice here of which you are aware? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jherubin
    Excellent! Thank you.
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    how about Los Angeles ?
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    How about Kansas City?
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    How about Google...jeesh.
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    Cool app that can place alot more than just traffic cameras on your normal desktop.
    Road Below

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    Try Traffic Edge....cost $9.95 for subscription fees, offers most major cities.
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    It requires the "Websphere" footprint into the RAM, but is quite a cool application and really shows some of the untapped potential of the Treo (and other wireless devices too of course).

    In fact, I'm checking the traffic on the bridge as I drive along and type here, and it looks like my commute will be ...AAAAK! ohhhhhh! #$@$&^&$^% I...I just dropped my newspaper and the espresso maker just spilled all over the carpet and I need to change the radio station and here comes a phone call and....

    The ironic thing is that this application will lead to greater need for this application. Nice thing is that you now have the capability to watch yourself create a traffic hazard in real time on your phone.....
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    With kmaps you can enter an address and get driving conditions, Im not sure how good they are I'm still evaluating it --> kmaps

    You can also enter a buisness name and get the exact address, phone number, map, driving directions,,,,

    and its free
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    Quote Originally Posted by string3599
    How about Kansas City?
    You can go to to get KC traffic.

    If you want construction reports with it go
    I have them saved as book marks. I puled up the traffic map on KCTV 5 and copied the url in the properties. Its fast and updated every minute. I like it because I can get the info when I want it and it connects fast because the needed info is all that is on the page. I couldnt copy and paste the second url in the treo browser I had to email the link to myself then save it as a book mark.

    EDIT: Dont forget to refreash the page if the page is cached
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