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    On my very short, extremely limited, must buy list.

    RNS:: TreoAreaCodes

    Version 1.1:
    - Call Waiting support (did not display graphic for second caller).
    - Company/operator logo support.
    - Bugfix - custom caller picture was obscured on Treo 650.
    - Significant speed enhancement in the "Find Code by Area" feature.
    - Minor enhancements and bugfixes...

    Version 1.0:
    - First release.

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    did you get an email for the update?
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    Can't wait to try it.
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    I really like the idea of this app and registered early on. The thing I don't like is that the state files need to be in main memory. If you load a bunch of state, the app footprint gets really big.
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    Well I'm not happy.

    I downloaded the trial of version 1.1 from the Ranosoft web site. When I installed it it told me my trial had expired. I guess it still saw something from when I tried out version 1.0 weeks ago.

    So out of good faith I went ahead and purchased 1.1 from Palm Gear since it says the bug with the picture caller ID being obscured has been fixed. However, when I installed the full version I got from my Palm Gear purchase it's still version 1.0

    Guess I have to go e-mail Rano.
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    Still nothing from Rano.
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    Any updates on user experiences here?
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    Everything here is working. It looks like if you have a contact with a picture id, then it will not display the map on the incoming call. Makes sense because if you have a picture for them, you probably know where they are from.
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    Works as described for me.

    Incoming calls show state name and map. Outgoing calls show it too (which is a feature I wasn't aware of and very cool!)

    If you have a picture assigned to a contact and the contact calls the Area Code app doesn't function, which is how it's suposed to be.

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