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    sometimes when I run certain website on my treo, it says "not enough memory, please delete some files or move them to the card..."(something like that...).

    But the webpage is only like 400K or so and I've cleared the browser cache(set to 1MB), I have 7MB free in RAM & more than 4MB free in system cache according to DBCacheTool.

    any idea? thanks!
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    I have this problem as well. Over 10M free in RAM, and cache set to 2m. Love to hear the solution.

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    please try searching first

    it's related to either the dynamic memory heap or dbcache, I can't remember which. This is different than available ram.
    there are a few threads on this with some good info...good luck
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    I did try searching all over the internet and this forum but surprisingly I coudn't find any information on this specific problem. If someone could point me to the right place to look, I'll appreciate it.
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    ok...I'll do it for you.

    I gave you some terms to help

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