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    To be sure, I have done my share of Treo 650 bashing on here. While I love the all the features (except the paltry 32Mb RAM) and the interface, I find the resets and crashes, as well as odd things like not being able to turn off the LED without (unsupported by Palm) third party software to be unacceptable. But this morning was a NIGHTMARE.

    I set my alarm last night at 2am to go off at 8:30am. I then did some web browsing on Blazer and just before nodding off rechecked the alarm setting and placed the Treo next to my bed. I woke up with that feeling like i had overslept. I grabbed the Treo and hit the red power button. As soon as I did that--instantly--the alarm went off...twenty minutes late! Luckily I made my meeting and no harm was done. But this could have been a MAJOR disaster.

    Can anyone explain why this happened? I have only QuickNews and Avantgo installed as aftermarket apps.
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    What alarm app did you use?
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    I'm using the only one I know of and that came installed on my Treo: World Clock.
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    I use MobileClock (Bob's Alarm) and it has never failed. My power went out last night, once again vindicating my reliance on my phone as a waker upper.
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    I also use Bob's Alarm. Works great. This app has had frequent updates to avoid missed alarms caused by the Treo doing something else.

    KRamsauer - is MobileClock a new name for Bob's Alarm or something different?
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    i use wal mart $5 clockradio alarm.. never fails even if power goes out it has backup battery to keep time (not sure if alarm goes off if power is out, tho)... sometims $5 > $600 :|
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    Bob's Alarm is MobileClock now. I liked the old name.
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    I like LookAtMe. Alarm clock that launches Ptunes as well after alarm noise so I can listen to tunes/radio just like on $5 Walmart alarm clock
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    OK, so I can buy 3rd party apps to do what my Palm has done for me for free since the 1990's?!? I just want my Treo to work as advertised. If I add 3rd party apps, then Verizon and Palm say my problems are from unsupported apps. If I don't add them, I'm stuck with Palm's buggy software. Talk about a catch-22.

    Has anyone had this problem with the alarm or am I the only one? I appreciate the suggestions on workarounds, but I first want to find out if that should be necessary. Did Palm really build a product/software so poorly that the lowly alarm clock doesn't work?
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    Well I use a 3rd party app called TreoAlarm to do my wakeups. 1) I have turned off features of word clock (forgot why but it solved some problem I know longer remember <grin>) . 2) I got tired of resetting the wake up time. Yes, I undertsand the "why buy a 3rd party app to do what the Treo already does" logic but TreoAlrm does much more for me:

    1) It shuts off my phone at 11 pm on weeknights (Sun-Thurs)
    2) It shuts off my phone at 1 am on weeknights (Fri-Sat)
    3) It turns on my phone at 8 am on weekdays (Mon - Fri)
    4) It turns on my phone at 9:45 am on weekends (Sat-Sun)
    5) It wakes me up at 8:15 am on weekdays
    6) It wakes me up at 9:30 on weekdays
    7) It downloads the local weather 5 minutes before I wake up.
    8) It stores a special "gotta take the ferry" this morning 5 am wake up time for me which 1 clcik the nite before activates.
    9) It has more unused alarms spaces that I haven't set
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    Do any of these alarm programs have a snooze button? Or one that goes off again in a few mins if you don't hit the button?
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    Jaggrey, Mobileclock does.
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    G*D F***ING D***IT!!!!

    I overslept for work today thanks for my treo!!!!!!!!!!!! I set the alarm for 6:25 and my wife's alarm woke me up at 7am. As soon as I hit my Treo power button the alarm went off. I'm on my fourth Treo650, these things are making my life miserable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, deep breaths, deep breaths. I have NO THIRD PARTY apps on my device, just the stock ROM. Why is this happening? I have network time disabled, FWIW.
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    that's....... odd. Have you tried Bob's Alarm?
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    You should try it once more.
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    The alarms in MegaClock have never failed me. . . . . . . . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    Bob's Alarm/MobileClock here never failed
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    Dude just download treo alarm . The alarm functions are FREE. I've heard shakey things about the built in World Clock Alarm. Although I do use it to wake myself up and it seems to be reliable...

    I too have done my fair share of PALM bashing on this site but have learned to live with and find the good things in my TREO 650. Love the KB, it's one handedness and it's quickness to navigate through menus. Oh and the phone acts like a real phone. Although when I had my xv6600 on Verizon EVDO I was in HEAVEN surfing the web in landscape mode. Blazer Blowz. And it is Blazer, for when I use my TREO in BT DUN mode I can surf on my laptop in much MUCH faster speed. PIE is where it's at.
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    Bob's Alarm. Failed once when I was using a Beta a long time ago, now I stick with the production versions. mobileClock for me too.
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    I totally understand the frustration. You can't even rely on a 600+$ device to wake you up. Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode with the marathon runner and the alarm clock?
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