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    Since updating the new newest firmware (Cingular) and getting a bluetooth headset (Bluespoon AX) my phone's been acting unpredictably.

    1. Even though the update went fine and all my settings were preserved, about a week later I turned on my phone and all the settings had reverted to the factory defaults. I had to re-register some software, all my color settings had gone away, and each application acted like it was the first time I'd launched it. My contact list and calendar were fine, and nothing terribly important got lost, but it's very weird.

    2. My phone randomly calls the most recent entry in my call log. I was using Blazer and my Father called to ask why I'd recently left 8 voicemails on his phone. He'd been the last person I'd called and while I was using Blazer, the phone had dialed his number and left voicemails. He could hear the environment I was in and everything. Later in the day, the same thing happened with a friend I called. The problem ceases to be an issue if I keep clearing out my call log. Is there any hotkey, or other hidden command that automatically calls the most recent contact?

    3. Call Answering. Sometimes when I answer the phone, the caller can hear me, but I can't hear them.

    4. General Instability. The phone pauses a lot... Sometimes it wont turn on. Sometimes it wont turn off.

    I was hoping the ROM update would solve the minor pauses and delays in using the phone, but it seems like the phone is less stable overall. Do I have a dud? Any ideas? Sympathy?

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    Your Saved Preferences file seems to be corrupt.

    You won't like the answer, but I think a hard reset followed by application re-installs is the best option.

    Before you do that, try checking the PIM databses for any corruption. Search for dbScan in the forums for instructions on where to find and how to run that utility.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Before I saw your reply, I called up Cingular Tech support. They suggested my problems could be due to a bad SIM card. I went to a Cingular store to swap it out, and now I get no service. The phone's been in SOS Only mode all day. Ugh..

    They're overnighting me a replacement. Hopefully that will be more stable?

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