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    I sucessfully set up Bluetooth Hotsync on my Dell Latitude 610 laptop w/ built-in bluetooth. It's using a virtual serial port COM7. The annoying point is that Hotsync periodically sets the port back to default COM1, and Hotsync will fail until I fix it. The HotSync version is 6.0.1, and i'm using a Treo 650. I think the reset happens after I dock/undock or hibernate the laptop.

    Anybody ran into a similar problem?

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    Thanks, Ziria.
    This gives some more insight, but doesn't help. I think what is happening is that in some situations the COM7 provided by my Bluetooth driver is temporarily not registered, for example while going in and out of standby or hibernation. Hotsync notices this immediately and resets the setting back to the default COM1. COM7 becomes available again, but Hotsync has lost the settings. I think this is just an oversight in the Hotsync product, it would have been better to keep the temporarily invalid setting for the chance it becomes valid again. Resetting it back to COM1 will almost never result in a better working system.

    Palm folks, are you listening?
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    I have exactly the same problem. I explicitly asked Hotsync to use COM7 why is it tryng to open other ports?

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