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    Noticed this when I was looking around ecost, someone here might be game enough to try it.

    Manufactures site :


    Not cheap but I like to way it fits into your ear. No loundness issues. Has a equalizer and seems to be wired and bluetooth at the same time?

    Again rather expensive.

    (i do not work for Gennum or ecost just thought someone might be interested)
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    Wow, I would love to know if this or ANY device can be used with bluetooth on the T650. I would love the ability to listen to music, watch a movie or answer a call without the hassle of switching (or carrying extra) headsets.

    Trade-off is mono of course, but I don't think anything works yet for anything other than calls.

    Any other info on a working model?
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    I asked them to confirm that it's compatible with Treo 650. I also asked if they will be offering a stereo headset in the furture. I'll let you know what they say.

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