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    Hi, first post after not being able to sync my calendar. I've lost all my contacts twice and am fed up with it. I read all the threads and from what I can tell there is no solution; I tried re-sync with versamail and got it to update twice and then all the updates stopped working.

    I'm a new Sprint Treo 650 owner with the latest software updates. My versamail works great but calendar sucks. I opened Palm Desktop and said "yes" to making it the default but it does not seem to have become my default.

    Has anyone else successfully used the Palm Desktop to keep their calendar, memos and tasks? I can't keep losing my appointments and I really don't need to have them with outlook as long as I can still use versamail to sync E-mail.

    Any help is appreciated. I tried to run down some solutions for the past few hours but this seems to be an problem without a solution.

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    I have used the Palm Desktop for appointments, calendar, memos and tasks since 1996 and have not lost them yet.

    Create a "test" entry in Tasks, Appointments, Contacts, and memos on the Treo and see if they go upstream to the Palm Desktop after a HotSync. Then you will know if it is working. Also, create test2s on the desktop and see if they go down stream to the Treo.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    You said you lost all your Contacts twice - is that true?

    I assume you are talking about using ActiveSync with Versamail and Outlook, which syncs Calendar and EMail. Contacts are still sync'd via Hotsync. I don't know of a way to allow email to ActiveSync while returning Calendar to Hotsync - it seems like a package deal.
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    eric, my apologies... I meant to say that I lost my appointments. Contacts have stayed intact.

    My solution that seems to be working... I re-ran the setup disk from Sprint where I could change from outlook to palm desktop. So, now everything on my handheld is backed up to my palm desktop. Versamail still works and I noticed that calendar events from my outlook server still come to my handheld but not vice-versa. So, this looks to be workable in the event I have a hard reset in the future I will simply have the palm desktop sync to my handheld.

    Thanks for the help.
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    There is a new Synchronization forum. Please use it for questions like this.

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    Try switch sync:
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    If I understand correctly, you want to sync solely with palm desktop, and nothing with outlook?

    Here are a couple of methods you can use.

    Dig out your software CD, and pop it in your computer.

    If the "Discover your device" menu pops up:

    1) click "change your synchronization method"
    2) click "use palm desktop to manage calendar, contacts, tasks and notes"
    3) Click "OK" to the warning box

    If the "discover your device" menu doesn't pop up (or you just want to do it differently):

    1) Explore the CD
    2) browse to "English\PostInstall"
    3) Find the program called "Outlookswitcher.exe"
    4) create a shortcut to this outlookswitcher.exe
    5) edit the shortcut properties so that "target" reads:

    "X:\English\PostInstall\OutlookSwitcher.exe" /palm
    (where X is the drive the CD is in. Please note that /palm needs to be out of the quotes.)

    6) Double-click on the shortcut
    7) click ok on the warning box

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