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    Hi dudes of Treo's.
    I have a new one for you.
    Riddle me this:
    I am wanting to use Silverscreen on my Treo 650. No probs thus far.....................wait for it, on the sliver main screen it does not allow the cell/mobile strenght indicator or bluetooth sign to show? You have to exit silverscreen to check or go to call etc?
    I have e-mailed silver and no luck as yet.
    Any news out there re this problem of plenty?
    I do like Silver and have been using it for years now, since 2001.
    Thanks you for your learned thoughts of plenty
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    I was in love with Silverscreen in 2001 also, but in 2005 I use Zlauncher. It can do most of what Silver screen does, and much much more. You should give it a try. Zlauncher themes can support signal strength icon and bluetooth icon.
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    Thanks Booya,
    I have been tolds about Zlauncher and mega too, wil try them both today. Many thnaks.
    I must say thaty I do like Silverscreen as don't really want to stop using it but may have to due to the signal and bluetooth display!
    Thanks again.
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    I echo booya. I was a silverscreen fan but also switched to zlauncher. Be sure to check out the customizing options with zlauncher. I think that is where the real strength lies.
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