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    I have been through most of the DUN threads.
    I have followed some excellent guides, but have not seen comments with my specific problem, at least I do not recognize any.

    I have been goofing with modems, serial lines, etc., since 1981.

    Those of you familiar with modem protocols should easily recognize this dialog:

    Sending: ATZ # no response - should see OK
    Sending: ATQ # no response - should see OK
    Re-Sending: ATZ # no response - should see OK

    and thus, the DUN connection fails.

    I have used a terminal program to connect to the bluetooth device and have the same issue. It just does not respond like a modem.

    I have tested this from three different computers with the same results.
    I have one more system that I can borrow (an old DEL laptop running WIN2000).
    The results of that test will be posted tomorrow.

    The bluetooth device is a D-Link 120 Rev B4 (USB).
    Using 15200 8n1 on the computer side.

    Is there some setting on the phone that I am missing?
    Would you suspect a dongle/driver issue? Its just that USB bluetooth dongles are old as the hills and should just work.

    When an attempt is made, I get the 'Connecting' dialog on the phone, but it times out after about a minute, and during that minute I cannot get any response from it via the bluetooth connection.

    So pairing is good, but I am just not seeing a modem there.

    About two months ago I tested 1.08 with shadowmite's hack and an XP based laptop and that seemed to work ok with this phone. This is a new usb device and other systems that I am testing with now. I do not have access to the WINXP laptop that was used in previous testing.

    Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome.
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    Follow up.

    The win2000 laptop worked. Took about 2 hours to get it set up, but after all is said and done, it worked.

    Ok, so perhaps it is an issue with the dongle/driver in the other setups.


    Will update with anything new.

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