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    I have the HBH-660, and was wondering if I have to pair my headset to the Treo 650 every day... I normally turn it off when I'm not using it or when I am driving in my '05 MDX so that it doesn't conflict with my HFL.

    If I turn off the headset, do I have to repair the phone and headset each time I turn it back on? Any tips on using a BT headset so I don't have to constantly repair the phone and headset each day?
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    I haven't had to re-pair my HBH-660 and my Treo 650 since the first day they were paired - even after 2 ROM upgrades. It's unclear from your question...are you having to re-pair them each day or is it that you think you should?
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    I guess it's that I think I should. I noticed a few times the call would not be forwarded to my headset... maybe I'll do some more testing.

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