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    I'm a new 650 user (Sprint). During the few days I've had my Treo, several different applications have simply disappeared from the 650.

    The apps were installed and working correctly. But randomly I'll tap an icon and get the message "The application could not be loaded because of a system error".

    Data files are usually intact, but the program PDBs just randomly disappear. Re-installing the missing apps works fine; they pick up where they left off with no lost data.

    This has happened with Vindigo, SilverScreen, SplashID, and other major-name applications. Free memory has always been over 8mb.

    Is this a known issue? Does it happen to anyone else?
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    Yeah, happens to me all the time with Vindigo. So far, I haven't received a satisfying explanation or workaround from Vindigo or Palm. I'm pretty sick of dealing with it frankly. I'm just chalking it up to the general bugginess of the Treo 650 and hoping I find a suitable device to switch over to before I wind up throw this thing in the trash.

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