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    My sim card is stuck in my Cingular 650! Anyone have a solution for getting it out?
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    Take it to the cingular store and have a technician remove it...if you try to force it out yourself, you might damage your phone (and void its warranty). If you take it to the store, and they break it trying to remove it, you're still covered under warranty.
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    While they are there, they should ask them about a 'special' SIM card tray for Cingular-provided SIM cards.

    I got my Cingular Treo 650 about 3 weeks ago and was having a problem with the phone randomly turning itself off. I Googled this issue and found some people were putting a small piece of Post-It paper between the SIM card and the tray to fix a loose SIM card issue. I did this and it was fixed.

    I had to call Palm about something else and they told me Cingular's SIM cards are ever so slightly thinner than the other guys and a modified tray is available. I got one by calling Cingular customer support, receiving it in a few days. My problem has gone away.

    I wonder if their SIM is stuck because it rocked forward and is caught on a lip.

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