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    Co-worker got a 650. We use GroupWise, so he will be using intellesync to transfer the calender over to the treo.

    but, he just wants it one way with a twist. he want everything on the treo to be deleted first. he wants is so that when ever he syncs, the treo is over written with the data from intellisync.

    I dont think there is a way to do this, but was wondering if the database on the treo was deleted before the synce would it do what he wants?

    First what database would he delete? and second if he deletes it it wont affect the groupwise calendar?

    thank you.
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    I used to use Intellisync, but it has been quite a while. I thought it had an option like Palm's standard Hotsync - for you to select Desktop overwrite Handheld (one-way sync)?

    I would think that if he forces a one-way sync, that there would be no need to delete his Palm database each time.

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