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    Former Sprint T600 user, spent some time on the WM dark side with the Audiovox 6600 but coming back to the "best" one handed, integrated PDA/Phone on the market (my opinion, no flames please ;-).

    Anyway I tried a Cingular T650, but am returing it due to lack of coverage at my house and will have to go back to Sprint (wanted Edge speeds and GSM SIM flexibility).

    The problem I had was that nearly every 3rd party app I tried to install would fail - Netfront browser, Xiino, Simcity, MMPlayer, etc. No info in the logs, just said "App XXX fialed to install". Many would install to my SD card but wouldn't run with an error "not enough RAM to run this application". This was true even after upgrading to the latest Cingular ROM update.

    Never had this problem before, and yes i did uninstall the old T600 Palm desktop and install the one that came with the Cingular T650. I was wondering if anybody's seen these types of failures before. I thought it may have something to do with the upgraded OS or the NVFS.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, bostonGuy
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    How much free RAM do you have?
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