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    MEMORY, MEMORY, MEMORY. Anyone have any suggestions for this? I'm a mobile employee that uses his Treo as a virtual office.
    -SmartList for Database sync
    -Documents to Go for all of the obvious reasons.
    -Verichat because I use MSN messenger and Aol Messenger to connect with outside consultants on the fly
    -Vindigo because I'm always in a different city, etc.
    -Avantgo for news.

    I have no memory to run all of these apps. I'm using a 1gb Sd Card, but with the exception of Avantgo, all of these programs have to be run from the phone and not the card. Smartlist can contain the database on the card, but I think the app itself has to reside on the phone. Does anyone know of a way to make this work...Goodlink is good (w/the exception of the not attaching files on outgoing emails), but it's rendering my treo virtually usesless and not much more than a blackberry.

    (m105 => IIIxe => VIIx =>Tungsten T => i705 => Treo 600 => T-MO MDA => HTC Tytn = HTC Tilt & T-MO Dash => HTC TouchPro & HTC S740 => Palm Pre)
    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    you can have it load the files off the card into memory as you need it, i don't think it would work with goodlink though, goodlink is a constant on program so your SOL there but the other programs would work.

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