For those of you seasoned palm users, I'm wondering which application you prefer for organizing your schedules, one step beyond what the built-in application can do. I've tried both Agendus and Datebook on trial, and my clear favorite is Agendus. I prefer the views, especially the day view which you can load any pic you want as your wallpaper. I've looked for other organizer programs to try, but can't find anything else that looks worth trying. By the way, I'm referring to the latest versions of these programs that are available.

The reason for this thread is although I like Agendus, there is what I believe a big shortcoming of the program and every program that I've looked at for that matter. HOPEFULLY I have just simply missed how to do or there is another program that can accomplish this for me that I'm not aware of. The shortcoming is the inablity to show PENDING To-Do items. In day view, it will show either all of your to-do's (which I certainly don't want - I don't need to see a to-do that doesn't start until next month) or to-do's that are due today. Obviously I want to see to-do's that are due today but I also want to be able to see those things that I probably ought to start working on now but aren't due until later. This view/feature (as defined in Outlook and other programs on my desktop computer) is called pending to-do's. I don't understand why such an important view would be missing.

Does anyone know of a program that can show to-do's which are due today as well as to-do's which are pending (the due date is at a later time but the start date is today)? The lack of this feature is preventing my palm from being very useful to me. My former pda, which utilized pocketpc, had pocket informant installed which was a great program and would list pending to-do's. I'm in search of a similar program - anyone know of one??

In fact, if I can't find a full featured orgainzer program which offers pending to-do's, I would settle on a program that simply has a daily view which lists todays appointments and to-do's (obviously with pending to-do's).

Anyone have any suggestions?