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    I am happy to announce the release of Thumbscreen Freestyle. A speciall designed skin for Pocket Tunes. Thumbscreen provides you with a beautiful interface with specially designed controls and sliders that allow you to easily use your thumb to navigate through songs and playlists in Pocket Tunes.
    You can get this skin at Palm Focus
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    These skins look great. Are there any 160x160 versions available? I would pick one up in a second.
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    Currently, we dont have 160 * 160, but let me think about it. Thanks for the interest
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    That would be great - there are still a helluva lot of us 600 users out there, so I think many would be interested.

    Thanks for the consideration!
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    We have to pay money for these? They look cool, but no thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by booya
    We have to pay money for these? They look cool, but no thanks
    I said the same. I know he/she put some hard work into it but I can't get used to paying for pTunes skins.
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    these are awesome but i rarely use ptunes.
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