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    I use quiet a few programms on my treo 650. now I have only 4 mb free on the treo and I want to install digimap. Now and I wanted to know, wich programm are running well too on a sd card, so I have more free mbs on treo.

    are following programms runnig on sd card?

    - docs to go
    - megalauncher
    - agendus
    - versamail
    - realplayer

    another question: is there a programm, wich removes not using staff on my treo?
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    you can run docs to go from the card freeing up 2 - 4 mb (read this thread)
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    thanks a lot. sam
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    Realplayer and versamail are in ROM and won't affect the amount of RAM free. If you are using Megalauncher instead of the built-in app launcher, I would leave it in RAM. Same for Agendus.

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