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    Before we discuss "what is the best IM client for 650," we need to discuss "What are the main features or requirements of a good IM client." Only then we will be able to figure out "which one is the best."
    Let me start. The first important feature should be that it is able to connect to MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber, AOL... if an IM client is able to connect only to MSN or AOL or Yahoo! it certainly can't be the best.
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    Don't forget one that runs in the background and notifies you of messages while you are in other apps. I have Verichat and unlimited text-messaging so I have Verichat in "always-on" mode and I get background text msgs. It works great.
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    One that doesn't cause crashes multiple times a day (rules out verichat) and doesn't severely drain your battery that your Treo doesn't even last a work day (rules out Toccer - for now). I guess there is no perfect IM client yet.
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    Causerie doesn't do either of those thankfully, but doesn't maintain the connection well when running in the background which isn't good either.

    Other important features for me:
    -Nice UI
    -Rename contacts
    -Manages multiple chats well (easy to switch back and forth)
    -Quick text options for quick replies
    -Auto away message(s)
    -View people's away message
    -Different views of your buddies (only online, offline, mix, etc)
    -Configurable LED, vibrate, and sound alerts

    Guess that's it for now
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    IBM/Lotus Sametime support is a must for corporate environment. Gaim (open source multi-protocol IM client) has a plug-in called Meanwhile which provides this functionality without the need for any changes on the server side.

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