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    For those of you using DVD Decrypter to 'rip'/backup your DVD's in order to convert to formats that can be viewed on your Treos, make note:

    I just found a statement on another video editor forum regarding DVD Decrypter.

    "Anyone using "dvd decrypter" needs to stop using the program. the feds are starting to go after people who use it. they can tell who uses the program because the program automatically looks for updates every time you use it. A legal program that you should switch to is "dvd fab". it is not a freeware program but it is well worth the money. just wanted you guys to know."

    That's it.


    p.s. this post can be moved to multimedia forum later on after people find it.
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    An alternative approach: Tell your software firewall that DVD Decrypter is not allowed to access the Internet.

    -- Andyvan
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    I don't use the program (I don't have time to unfortunately) but...if you aren't connected to the internet when you use it, how can it be checking for updates?

    Plus...even if what you say is true...that isn't conclusive proof if the program is checking for updates that means that you are decrypting dvd's with it. Add to that people who make their own home dvd's of family vacations and such...
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    AND add to that.... A competing product that is commercial is being recommended in its place.......Hmmmm, smells like gorilla marketing to me..."Don't use DVD Decryptor, use my shiny $30 piece of software instead..."

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    I think the version I have has an option to check for new updates. Uhoh did I say I use it? I meant the copy Insertion uses.
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    DVDFabDecrypter is a program that has most, but not all, of the functionality and is free. See for more information. Any recent version of dvddecrypter lets you uncheck the "check for updates" box.

    The author of the program gave the whole thing to macrovision when they threatened legal action, so in principle, if you check for updates, they could insert a program that erases the existing version and inserts spyware on your pc.
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    yes, I thought of the guerilla marketing idea, but am trying DVD fab anyways, and it seems to work cleaner and faster than DVD Decrypter. (Probably just my imagination).

    Carry on...


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    what about FairUse Wizard? It's free...
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    guy. duh. of course it is illegal. At least in the US.

    the dmca prohibits the cracking of encyrption. Most sold dvds are encrypted, so therefore any program you are using to decrypt dvds is illegal.
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    This isn't exactly breaking news to anyone is it? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    This isn't exactly breaking news to anyone is it?
    Hell yes it is!

    Decrypters are ILLEGAL???
    I'm back!
  12. #12 this 60GB of Warez I have over here illegal too, or just inside the US? I got most of it by taking a brick and smashing the window of the store to ISO it. Is that illegal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmill72x
    Hell yes it is!

    Decrypters are ILLEGAL???
    BTW, this was sarcasm.
    I'm back!
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    I could be wrong, but it seems I read somewhere that USING decryption software isn't illegal, but making decryption software available to others DOES violate the law.
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    Here is the deal: when you break the copyright, you become both criminally and civilly liable for doing so. "Backing up" your data seems to be the legal means of making any additional copies of software or media. However, when the encoded media is compressed for playback on another device, that is not truly backing up the software. One could reason (although this would not be the truth) that the dvd back you just made to your Treo was the method of backing up your data that you are most comfortable with. In reality, you want to watch a movie on your Treo while you sit on the subway. Whether or not this software is illegal in and of itself remains to be seen, but it appears that the federal government is leaning that way. When these decryption software sites fold, it is usually under the threat of a lawsuit alleging a specific act with their software of infringing on the copyright and making a copy of the dvd. The Supreme Court is now holding the software developer and companies that distribute the P2P software like Morpheus and LimeWire (which is still going strong) as they know or should have known that their software was going to be used to pirate DVD's and music. The court intimates that these companies distribute the software with the intent to encourage piracy.

    I am middle of the road with this stuff. Piracy is wrong, but the the film industry and music industry have handled this the wrong way. The RIAA and all of the other people in the entertainment industry are way overpaid. Piracy, in some instances is like radio play or great word of mouth for a movie, so there is no real loss. There are plenty of rumors that certain companies have leaks of their respective media to boost album sales and ticket prices (you could consider it an advertising cost). How many people saw Episode III through a bootleg and insist on seeing such a spectacle on the big screen? As far as music and the profits lost to music sharing is the same fear the music industry had when the cassette came out. If Labels stopped selling junk cd's for 18.99, maybe theirs sales wouldn't suck. The loss cannot be directly related to piracy, so it could be poor pricing. Additionally, who out their has a dell dj or IPOD, average size is 20 gb, some have 30 gb, 40 gb and 100 gb. 20 gb holds nearly 10,000 songs. Who, with a full IPOD, has paid I-Tunes 10,000 dollars for 10,000 songs? If you take your cd and upload it through I-Tunes to your IPOD, isn't that the same as backing up your with dvd decryptor to your Treo 650? None of the companies that make dvd decryptors have been found guilty or liable for any damages, yet. They have all succumbed to the threat of the lawsuit because they have someone willing to testify that they used the software to break the encryption and make a copied dvd on their computer. This guy agrees to testify so he will not be sued or reported to the authorities and the RIAA or other such organization can link the software to at least one incident of piracy. The rich get richer.

    Additionally, I have defended some of the piracy cases (they are very hard to defend as most of the time you client gets caught on the street selling what are clearly bootleg dvds) and the RIAA submits a report during sentencing that states that all damages and restitution obtained from participation in this criminal case and or civil litigation will go back to legal counsel to continue to prosecute those that pirate dvd's and music. In other words, all the complaints about the artists and the labels losing money, the impetus for the creation of the RIAA, the artists and the labels don't see a dime of the recovered funds, it all goes back to the attorneys. It is a self-perpetuating money-making scheme for the attorneys involved. By the way, the last time I checked, Mariah Carey, Nelly and Fifty Cent have not been forced to relocate in Jamaica, Queens, so I think their pocket books were not effected by this piracy epidemic.

    P.S. Remember those shameless piracy ads on television with sean astin telling everyone that your are taking away money from the gaffer and the stuntman when you pirate dvd and movies? Does Nicole Kidman still deservie 20 million dollars after making the stepford wives and bewitched? How about cutting her money and giving it to the gaffer and the stuntman? It is all relative.
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    Hey folks,

    Just don't update the software, if I remember the story correctly SONY paid $200 million for some fancy smancy dvd encription. The owner of DVD Decrypter hacked it in 48 hours after the release. The feds showed up confiscated his equipment and stuff.

    From what I heard they are tracking down IP's, so just DON'T update the software.

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    The guy that had his equipment confiscated was charged with violating some intellectual copyright law as he stole some of the source code of sony's encryption software.
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    Good summary nicegoogly,

    But I haven't seen anywhere which states that USING DVD decrypter violates the DCMA or any other law. I also haven't seen where anyone has ever had trouble over copying their own DVD's for private, noncommercial use.
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    shhhhhh....they're watching!
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    How is making a copy of a DVD you bought to view in a different format any different than making a cassette out of a record or compact disc?
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