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    There are several news websites that I enjoy reading each morning instead of the newspaper. None of them are designed for viewing on the Treo. I can't tie up my phone since I am on call. So I put together the following solution. will make websites viewable on the Treo. Doesn't work for all sites but is readable for most. Just type in and then the website name to skweeze the site.

    Sunrise converts websites and RSS newsfeeds for offline reading. You can decide how many links it follows and setup filters and have it auto download and convert the sites and feeds to Plucker

    Plucker is an offline website reader for your Treo. Use it to read the Sunrise documents.

    Every morning my Sunrise downloads my favorite news sites automatically then my palm automatically syncs (using Autosync, its in the cradle to charge at night) to download to my palm. It auto downloads to the SD Card so size doesnt matter too much.
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    Sounds very useful...going to give it a try today. Thanks for the info!
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    I agree ... very helpful. Thanks!

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