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    I've been reading through the forums, other treo websites and even listening to Podcasts and finding all kinds of great tips for configuring my Treo. But I'm curious how people have configured theirs. Here is mine

    Phone button is TAKEphONE which cycles through the takephone screens (I set favorites and Call Log first since you can start typing a number or search for a contact on any screen) also cycles through Directory Assistant. Press long on button brings up original phone app. Opt+Phone is Blazer

    Calendar button is Slap which I always use to record quick notes then move contact, todo, etc. Press button again brings up Agendus Pro (feature of Slap). Opt+Calendar is Memo.

    SMS button is pTunes (I get to email through Agendus). I also set pTunes to bring up console with this button when playing in the background. Opt+SMS brings up mVoice I use to record voice notes. Hold down SMS starts mVoice automatically to record. With the new mVoice version you can set an alarm to play your recording in the recording details.

    Dpad, I set Mcphling for a long press the left to bring up last app and long press on right to bring up list of apps. Added NetConnectDA to McPhling list to easily disconnect. Works fine in most apps. Had to swap 5way in pTunes so I could hold down to move back and forward in a song.

    Butler to make volume buttons useable and turn off led while I sleep!
    DataVizTech to move Documents to go to my SD Card
    DBCacheTool to fix random resets (added DBcacheDa to Mcphling favorites too)
    KB LightsOff to turn off keyboard while watching movies
    TreoGuard to stop my phone from hanging up in the case!
    VolumeCare to turn up the volume

    App Launcher
    I use LauncherX beta version with the Velo II skin to make the tabs small on the left. Also use PowerRun to load apps with their databases on my SD Card. You can create new directories under PowerRun and copy any app to the new directory then tell PowerRun to update apps to install new applications without using hotsync.

    I only use Hotsync to backup, Sunrise and Outlook sync. I copy all my apps to my SD Card using a cardreader and use powerrun as described above. When testing apps I just copy the zip file to the SD Card and use Resco Explorer to run directly from the zip. (Learned this on Treonauts!)

    I use BackupBuddyVFS to backup my RAM. If I start to get low on memory I hard reset and restore the last backup. I usually gain 2-4MB with same files thanks to the messed up NVFS RAM.

    What I don't do:
    MP3 ringtones. I listen to podcasts all the time and I hate when pTunes has to switch to play a ringtone. I just downloaded a few MIDI ringtones and setup my most common calls as favorites with them (My wifes cell phone is the Bewitched theme!)

    Stream Audio. I cant afford for my business calls to go straight voicemail all the time so I use Replay Radio to create MP3s then copy them on to my SD Card. Mostly talk shows and podcasts.

    Let me know how your device is configured!
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    The one change I would make is to set my calendar button back to Agendus and bring up Slap with a long press of that button. Anyone know of a simple program I can use to set a hard button to launch an app on a long press?
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    I'm glad you wrote your post. It reminded me of the benefits of Slap. I tried it before but didn't see the benefit of it. I do now, and plan on registering it.

    After some reconfiguration, here are my buttons:

    Side button: Pocket Tunes

    Button 1:

    Takephone, cycles only between Speed Dial and Slap. Since I can dial contacts or numbers from the Speed Dial screen, this is the only Takephone screen I need assigned to the button. Push and hold on the phone button takes me to the regular phone app if I need to enter number-tones for voicemail, etc.

    Slap is great, since it allows me to take notes on the phone and then transfer them to Daynotez on the fly. Or make new appts, contacts, etc. I am just trying out Slap again and really like it. I have it linked to Datebk5 (for new calendar entries), Takephone (new contacts); Datebk5 (to do's), and Daynotez (for all other notes).

    Option + Button 1 = Blazer

    Button 2: Cycles with 2day and Datebk5's week view and then month view. This configuration works great. Option+button 2 is Bob's Alarm.

    Long Press on Button 2 brings up Keyguard+, which is a great pop-up screen showing the time, date, battery, signal, etc.

    Button 3: Chatter. Pressing the button again will do a quicksync if I am off-line (at night or on weekends. Otherwise I am on push email) Option+Button 3 is Splash ID

    Long press on Button 3 brings up SnapCalc.

    Button 4: Power. That's it.

    Home Button: Zlauncher.
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    My set up: as it comes, straight out of the box. Side button is for Voice Dial.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Here's my Treo's configuration:

    Side button: Camera

    Button 1: Phone
    Option + Button 1: Calculator

    Button 2: TMP (Calendar app -- I like its clean, minimalist screen design)
    Option + Button 2: ThoughtManager (I use this instead of the Palm memo app; great for grocery lists, taking notes, etc.)

    Button 3: Palm Messaging (SMS/MMS)
    Option + Button 3: Blazer

    Button 4: Power

    Home key: ZLauncher
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    Home - launcherx
    Calendar - 2day and cycle through calendar views
    mail - Memo
    Side button - turns keyboard lights on and off

    Babckupbuddy does its thing at 2am

    Just about everything else is standard. I ocassionally use grafitti anywhere when the stylus is already out.

    HotSync is via Bluetooth. I use Avantgo to browse some stuff offline that was synced in the morning.

    TCMP for movies. A bunch of other pretty standard software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    My set up: as it comes, straight out of the box. Side button is for Voice Dial.

    Cheers, Perry
    Ditto...err...I guess not. Home = ZLauncher, Button 2 = Agendus, Button 3 = Snappermail. Everything else still the same.
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    Phone = TakePhone. Option Phone = built-in phone. Datebook = Datebk5, Option Datebook = contacts, SMS=Versamail, Option SMS=Web. Side button= Graf Anywhere Play/Pause in Aeroplayer. Home=zlauncher
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    button one=phone, option=web
    button two=agendus, option= i have no idea, but think it is doc 2 go. hold=ptunes console
    buttun three=snapper, option= i have no idea, but think it is (have no clue), long hold clock pop.
    button 4. power.

    i use volumecare and powerup.
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    Button 1=Phone Opt.+1=Blazer
    Button 2=Calendar Opt.+2=Slap
    Button 3=Versamail Opt.+3=SMS
    Button 4=Power
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    Here's mine:
    Button 1=Phone Opt.+1=Blazer
    Button 2=Calendar Opt.+2=Agendus
    Button 3=SMS Opt.+3=Snappermail
    Button 4=Power
    Side Button: Camera
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    Some of you mentioned you had apps set on long press of a hard button. I know takephone does this but what app did you use for the other hard buttons?
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    Button 1=Phone Opt.+1=Blazer
    Button 2=2day Opt.+2=TCPMP
    Button 3=SMS Opt.+3=Versamail
    Button 4=Power
    Side Button: Contacts
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    I use Palm Commander :

    Button 1: Phone
    Button 2: TMP, To Do, Calendar, Memo
    Button 3: Web
    Button 4: Treo Off/On, SoundRecord, Calculator, Megaclock, BugMe
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    Thanks for writing that up. From your list, I ended up loading up a few apps, that I now don't know how I lived with out.

    Resco Lock, Resco Explorer and BackupBuddyVFS.

    Which BackUpBuddy proved its usefulness this morning when I messed something up and went back and restored from last night's backup.

    Button 1= Phone --- Opt.+1= PTunes
    Button 2= Calendar --- Opt.+2= Tasks
    Button 3= Chatter --- Opt.+3= VeriChat
    Button 4= Power
    Side Key= Camera
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