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    I wated to make the jump from Snapper - but am unable to get SMTP to work with my SMTP provider AUTHSMTP - the config works fine with Snaper, but I get authentication errors when using exact same config in Chatter - any thoughts?

    I had to go to AUTHSMTP when Sprint and my email servers starting refusing to talk last March.

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    I don't know offhand; what's happening? Can you make me a log (instructions in the FAQ at

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    I use AuthSMTP as well (works great) but not tested it with Chatter. What error messages are you getting?

    Have you logged into the AuthSMTP Control Panel and checked the message history - they log errors they see there.
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    Yes. Did all that - got it fixed by starting all over with SMTP settings - apparently there was some garbage character being transmitted as part of password...thks, though

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