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    Well first off I would like to thank these forums for very helpful information, and getting me up and running.

    My question:

    I've downloaded 2 state groups and it seems that you can only have one group active at one time. I live in PA, and in 2 weeks a group of us are driving 2 Vegas. 2,300 miles and some change. To get a destination route from PA to NV, do I need to install the:

    Major Roads Maps/
    Cities of the USA map
    Major Roads of the USA map

    any help or suggestions will be appreciated
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    I assume you are asking about TomTom Nav 5. I haven't yet done anything similar but I believe you have to have both your start & finish locations on the map you have loaded. For you trip, That would probably be the Major Roads & Cities map. The Major Roads map would do if you just want to get a general idea of overall distance and route options. If you plan and save an itinerary, including your major waypoints, it may be possible to use more detailed maps for a portion of the itinerary while enroute. I hope so. If that doesn't work, then it should be possible to plan separate itineraries on regional maps that can be chained together during your trip. Maybe someone who has used the previous version can help us understand just how this might work.

    Note: you might want to edit your title to include TomTom if you want to get specific information about Nav 5.

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