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    First time poster here. Let me first thank everyone for all the great information I've uncovered in my searches. It has been quite useful.

    The LCD on my Sprint 650 cracked when my 5 year old son dropped it on the bathroom floor (yes, very painful). The screen is still intact, phone still fully operational. No- I don't have insurance. I'm a new Sprint customer and thought I did, but long story short, I don't. Can I use the LCD on my old T Mobile 600 and replace the cracked one in my 650? The housing is not exactly the same size, but I'm wondering if the LCD might be?

    Also, does anyone have anyone I can contact to actually make such a switch?

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    Ouch! I assume your homeowners insurance is not applicable either. . . .

    What is cracked? Without seeing it, I would almost want to live with a cracked 650 screen vs. a good 600 screen. . . .just my personal preference --- I waited for the 650, for I could not move from my T3 screen to the 600's screen.

    Have you purused the 600 forum for any applicable threads? I am not sure what is involved in removing and replacing a screen, but there is a "How to remove the Camera" thread with pictures that will show you some of what the insides of the 650 look like.

    Good Luck!
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    Yeah that does suck about the screen cracking. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $you$ $can$'$t$ $just$ $switch$ $the$ $screens$. $I$ $thought$ $I$ $read$ $before$ $that$ $you$ $couldn$'$t$ $switch$ $the$ $screens$ $to$ $give$ $the$ $600$ $a$ $hi$ $res$ $screen$ $so$ $I$ $am$ $assuming$ $vice$ $versa$ $that$ $you$ $can$'$t$ $take$ $the$ $600$ $screen$ $and$ $put$ $it$ $in$ $the$ $650$.

    However, if you want to take it apart, the 600 is pretty easy. People (like me and others) who have replaced the battery have done so. Search the threads on battery replacement. Taking apart your 650 might be a different animal though :-( ?
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    I really don't think it is worth the effort. The screen type is different in several ways (resolution, technology, etc), so the chances of this working are virtually nil. The fact that the 600 has a transmissive display and the 650 a transflective display alone make this a no-go...

    Sorry... I don't think this is going to work.

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    Yea cookie, you might wanna leave the 600 as is because a 600 with a lo-res screen is VIRTUALLY a 600. No sense in spillin' crumbs everywhere when you can eat the whole thing right now!
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    I would send it back to Palm and get a replacement. My understanding is that it's $179. If you go through your cellular company, you'll shell out $400+.
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    Okay, I had to post a follow-up. After reading the grim opinion on the switch between the 600 and 650, I decided to go to another Sprint store and see what they said. The guy told me to go to yet another Sprint store location and they would fix my screen for $50, which is the same amount I would have paid to use the TEP!! I of course went immediately. Unbelievable and my phone is like new. I know many here have been told by Sprint that they can't fix the LCD screen, but just thought I'd share for everyone's general knowledge.
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    That's great news cookie. Much cheaper than a whole new Treo.
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    WHAT!?!??!?! I broke the screen on my 600 and I asked Palm what I needed to do to fix it. They referred me to Sprint....they referred me to Palm...I did that like 2 times and I wanted to kill somebody. I complained about Sprint charging me monthly for insurance even though I couldn't get it. I even mentioned that I had to sign a new contract for the 600 in order to get the rebates from them, which means it wasn't the same "account" per se, so my 2 breaks with the 300 were irrelevant...but they wouldn't budge, all they said was, "Sorry!". So I had to go back to using the 300 and prayed that I didn't drop it and watch it shatter in two.

    Dang...I don't even know where my 600 with broken screen is anymore. Somewhere...if I could fix it for $50, I'd surely do it!

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