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    I wear hearing aids and am looking for a headset that will comfortably work with either a Bluetooth or wired headset. My hearing aids are the in-the-ear style (not the real littel ones that sit in the ear canal) and cover most of the inner ear (technically the concha).

    Any suggestions greatfully appreciated.
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    I did a google search and came up with this website...their products might work with your Treo.
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    I use my Treo with T link headset. the link is Works perfectly with the "T" button on the aids. Also use them to listen to pocketunes although it is in mono rather than stereo, but my hearing cannot really tell the difference anyway.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. It appears that these are all made by HATIS and remarketed under different labels. I talked to HATIS and they said there were problems being reported with their headsets and the Treo 650 (but it worked great with a 600). Do you have a 650? Which of their headsets are you using? They have a Lite, a Freedom Mach I and Producer version.


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