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    Seems the 650 is locking up when it charges. For example, last night I plugged it in with battery down low. This morning it was locked up, i.e. wouldn't power on by pushing usual buttons, no led light indication (not orange, green at all, off). I unplugged the phone and popped the battery out and back in and found the charge had only reached 38%. I plugged it back in and it has resumed charging.

    Another problem is that the phone is not ringing when it is locked up and I miss calls.

    This is not a new phone (early February, Cingular).
    I have not added programs in months.
    The phone generally works well (except that is seems the sync cable must be in just the right spot to connect).

    I would sure like to be able to plug in the phone and reliably charge it and receive all my calls. Any help? Anyone have experience like this? How did you resolve it? Other thoughts? Thank you!
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    Do you have a car charger? Does it lock with this cable? I am suspecting you may need another charging cable.. . . Inspect the end. . . do all the prongs seem to be in the right place?

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