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    between Lori's voice prompts not installing, the Navigator icon starting the (useless) Contacts application, and TomTom's insistence on installing both to the SD card and internal memory, I've had to delete and reinstall TomTom over a dozen times in the five days I've had it.

    at this point, I've got two Navigator icons, one from internal memory and the other from the SD card. in the interests of housecleaning, I wonder if it might be useful to post a list of what files are necessary, and where they are located?

    on the SD card I have

    in \TomTom:

    in \Palm:

    in \Palm\programs
    start.prc (for heaven's sake)

    in \Palm\launcher
    cn.prc (which I would delete except who knows what it will take with it)
    start.prc (damn)

    in internal memory I have:

    start (doesn't seem to be start.prc according to filez, shoot I was hoping for a world's record)

    at this point, after spending an hour going back and forth reinstalling this morning according to some arbitrary rationale of TomTom's, the app seems to be working again, with Lori's voice. while an icon points to an internal-memory Navigator, however fortunately somewhere along the line I did manage to get rid of most of the memory it was consuming. but I'd really like to trim the fat.

    but again, once you're inside TT and it works, it's great -- one thing I discovered this morning was the "route demo" -- under View route, hit Show route demo -- you can set it to run at 500%, and it'll play the planned itinerary in virtual "movie" mode.
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    I have most of the same files as you. The exceptions are no data07.chk.prc or start.prc in \palm\launcher. Also,you have two maps loaded compared to my one, so I see you have additional files reflecting that additional map in internal memory.
    Isn't it amazing the amount of extraneous files associated with TT5? I'm still not sure that the files are organized properly on the sd card when I want to add additional maps later.
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    I also do not have the start.prc or data07.chk.prc in launcher. I do not have start.prc in programs (only in Palm). I loaded the program to Palm internal and have the start (not .prc) there. I have 8 regional or state maps loaded to SD, each in their own directory. Each of those has a companion .cfg in internal memory. I also have an itn directory on the SD where itineraries are stored. Lastly, I have a subdirectory in TomTom called SdkFileCalls that contains two small files.
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    The only tom tom file I have is on my sd card and within it, i do not have any subdirectory called SdkfileCalls. I heard that file is associated with contact navigator and is supposed to be not in use in the USA version. Amazing, we all have several different files and yet TT5 is working properly for all of us.
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    thanks for the replies. still some flakiness -- yesterday after a sync, i lost a Navigator icon, gained a Contacts icon. one of the two Contacts icons now actually launches Nav, so it's not really that big a deal.

    i'm going to delete some of those start.prcs, but let's hope that TT starts posting better information about just how things should be configured (or maybe an ISO of an improved install CD). i still dig the application, but I think us upgraders have kind of figured out why we got the $5 deal....

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