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    Chatteremail is great. But the default font settings for email is just too small. Is it possible to add a feature in Chatteremail to manage font? like that of snappermail? sometimes I really need a bigger font to read really long emails. thank you.
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    I've been bugging Marc about this for months (except for me, I've been asking for the ability to use smaller fonts in the emails). ;-)

    He's suggested using the application "Fonts4OS5" as a workaround but it sure would be nice to choose font sizes for messages (even of the most basic sort) from within Chatter.
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    The beta's have a setting for larger/smaller font.

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    Wow...Great! thx Marc
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    I am using the most update beta, but where can I find the font setting?
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    Hmm... Are you on a T600 or T650? The larger/small font is only available on the T650.

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    treo650, there is only choice for normal or small font. the normal one is still too small for me. is it possible to add a feature to adjust font as in other palm applications?

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