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    I have a 650 Cingular unlocked 1.13 with 1.31 firmware unbranded using tmobile. Sometimes when I place a call it will try to place the call and then go right back to the phone screen. I tried to place a call 5 times and then tried 611 and voicemail and nothing so I rebooted and it is fine now. Anyone seen this happen? It does not happen to often but is kind of annoying.
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    Yes, that particular tower is overloaded. When a slot opens for you the call will go through. I feel your pain.
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    when you try and make a call on a treo 650 and it kicks you right back to the phone screen, thats the phone telling you: "Call Failed" or "Network Busy" like other cellphones do. The phone just doesnt display these messages
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    Me too. It's definitely a Cingular problem, because it happens to the non-Treo phones in my house, at the same time.
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    I've noticed this as well. Last night, I got a voicemail notification with no rings and right after that my wife's phone had the same. Then we both tried to check voicemail and the calls didn't go out. I'm using a Treo, she a T226.
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    I really doubt it is a tower overload issue. I had the same problem before in Hong Kong with CSL. Once you reset your Treo, the problem is gone. This seems to happen when I had the Palm released GSM unlocked firmware and after I surfed the web. But with the 1.31 firmware, it seems to be gone. Just my speculation.
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    I don't think the towers were overloaded at 1am.

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