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    I had read somewhere that there is a software package for the Treo that automatically screens incoming cellphione calls and transfers them to Voicemail. Does anyone know the name of the Software? Thanks.
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    Hmm....hope this helps you: the partial answer to all your problems.

    The only thing is that the first two aren't 100% working for the 650 (until somebody chimes in, proving otherwise)...their betas are floating around somewhere and have been approximately 85% working, maybe. Apparently, the GSM version of CallShield will work correctly, but for some reason the CDMA version won't.

    The latter program is the only one that has a real release version. However, toysoft programs have typically been buggy for some...however, smiley88 makes up for that with constant development work.

    Why haven't Callshield and Callfilter been released yet?? It's been like 5 months since they said they would be releasing them.

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