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    I just got my Cingular Treo 650, and unlocked it today-- works great!

    Not onto getting it up to par. Current status:
    Firmware 1.04, Software: Treo650-1.02-CNG

    Should I upgrade to newer FW as mentioned here:

    Is the upgrade to 1.31 worth it? (the one here: BIG QUESTION: If so, should I do each previous upgrade first (e.g., 1.28?)

    What about software?

    I've done a ton of searching, so if there are key threads I missed, pointing them out would be greatly apprecieated. Thanks everyone!
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    I upgraded from 1.04 to 1.31 with no problem. I remember seeing that it contained all previous updates.
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    Thanks e40. Can anyone else chime in on this one? What about the software updates?

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